HOW TO: Colored French Manicure

It's Manicure Monday on Tuesday (yes I'm late again cuz I was off yesterday). 

This week's manicure how to is how to do a colored French manicure.

Now I'm sure you're thinking wait - a French manicure has white tips and some sort of off white or pinkish overlay.  Well - technically yes a traditional French does but... who says you can't play with color and add a little spice into a manicure?

Do keep in mind I live in Florida.  So while chances are you're buried in sweaters and boots - I'm still wearing flip flops (I know, I know - I'm sorry).  As such, I'm still wearing a fair amount of color - hence why I used a hot pink and red.  You however can use any coordinating colors you like - maybe a forest green and navy blue - or perhaps the gunmetal dark silvery colors that are hot this fall with a black or dark gray tip. The possibilities are endless!

File your nails like you normally do.  Also make sure to invest in a nice good solid base and top coat.

Let dry and then paint nails with two layers of hot pink polish making sure to let each layer dry.  So sorry gals - I have no idea what color this hot pink is - it was a freebie I snagged at the Clever Girls Collective party at BlogHer 11 this year in San Diego. 

For the French tip part - I used OPI's Oui Bit of Red. 

You have one of two options for coloring the French tip part.

Free-hand (which is what I did).  Just make sure to go very slowly.  A steady hand is easier the slower you go.  I find it best to paint the red tip across the curved nail line vs. painting down the nail like you did with the hot pink.


Use French Manicure Guides - With the adhesive guides though - it's more important to have the layers completely dry before applying any more polish.  The adhesive guides are rather sticky too and I find they leave residue behind.  Simply paint one or two layers on the bottom portion of the nail making sure not to go above the guides.  Also - be sure to wait for the polish not only to dry between applying layers but also before removing the guides - they could easily pull wet polish onto the top nail area if they're still wet.

Have fun! 

Be creative! 

After all - it's only nail polish and you can change it in five minutes.  ;)

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