Crayola Crayons Ruin My Life

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[Editor's Note: How many boxes of crayons do you have in your house? I can't even count. When I'm coloring with my sons and I am told to color something blue and I dare to choose blue-green or cerulean or something that isn't blue-blue, I get "told." That's why I laughed at this post by Dawana at A Bittersweet Existence. Apparently this color issue is not unique to my bossy sons. Do you have any color-dictators in your home? You might wanna check out this post to see how it makes the teacher's eye twitch. -Jenna]

How Crayola Ruins My Life Day After Day:

Crayola Lincoln LogsToday, in summer school we were identifying certain nouns and marking them with various colors. I was nervous the second I chose to use that worksheet because children. Little 5, 6, and 7 year old children who are able to read just enough to let you know what something says can’t just color.

They can’t.

It’s so hard.

For example, if I say to you “let’s find as many verbs as possible and color the verbs red.” Easy, right?


I get “Mrs. H… this isn’t red, this is “Brick Red” or “Orange Red” and I need red!

Continue reading for some start-of-the-week, almost-time-for-back-to-school type laughs.

Photo Credit: Chrisy Metcalf.

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