How to Create a Company Culture That Sticks

Company cultures always seem to come with a layer of expectations and reality, no matter how members are on your team or where you’re located. The expectation and reality of the situation affects both parties involved – the boss and the team members. And even though it might not always match up just so each and every time so everyone is constantly happy, there are still ways to make sure your company culture sticks for everyone on the team to engage in.

Make every day, and everything, a cause for celebration.

We love to celebrate each and every employee milestone – birthdays, babies, college graduations for our interns, weddings, and holidays – and we also attend Lakers games (field trip!) and bring in bagels for the team every Friday. More than just employee milestones, company milestones should be celebrated accordingly as well whether you’re celebrating 100 years in business or six months. You made it!

Stay positive and upbeat.

If you run a business that thrives on a great attitude, customers will be attracted to that – and they will keep coming back for more of the environment you created. Hire experienced people for your customer service staff that are dedicated and passionate about making every experience to your company one that is highly personalized. When you have the pros working with your customers, they’re able to better trust you and make referrals to friends that will help the business to grow, both with its clientele and the kind of word of mouth that’s being spread out about your brand.

Check in with your team.

Ask them questions, propose ways to tackle a strategy together, have regular meetings with the crew, and keep an open-door policy in place. Every opinion matters and if you value the opinions of your team in addition to yourself, and implement them together as a group, you’ll all succeed together!

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