HOW TO: Create a free foursquare page for your brand or blog

Creating a foursquare Page is super easy peasy and best part – it’s totally F.R.E.E. FREE! for foursquare users with a Twitter account.

Why would you want to set up a foursquare Page? Well, once you create your Page, foursquare will feature your branded Page in their Page Gallery where more users will see your page and… start to follow your Page.  The more foursquare followers you have – the more you can extend your brand message (aka free advertising). 

While Pages are really only for companies, they’re also a great way to extend your blog if you’re blogging as a business.

Sign up here if you don’t already have a foursquare account and then link your Twitter account to your new foursquare Page (your foursquare Page will be

Add a header image that you create (860 x 130 pixels) and a small profile image (185 x 185 pixels).  Be sure to include a brief description of your company/blog and any links you want (Facebook, website, etc).

Leave a minimum of 5 Tips at other establishments not only in your city – but anywhere your little heart desires.  I created Tips for Jane Nation not only all over Florida and the U.S. but also at the Sante Day Spay in Roatan Honduras.  That means any time anyone checks into an establishment near the Sante Day Spa – our tip appears and now folks in Honduras can learn about Jane Nation.  Kinda cool, eh?

Just visit the venue page of a desired establishment and type a tip in the "Tips" box on the left side of the Page.

After you’ve completed this navigate to your Settings page and checking off the "Feature me!" checkbox to be featured in the Page Gallery. You are now ready to rock n’ roll!

Tips on…well Tips
Your ultimate goal is to write fun, engaging and actionable tips so more users will click the “I’ve done this” button.  The more foursquare users who click the “I’ve done this button” – the higher your tip will appear at the top of the venue page allowing you to be seen by more users.

Action! “Order the fish tacos” vs. “The fish tacos rock!” Users are more likely to click “I’ve done this” on tips that include action words.
One Tip = One Message Don’t tell people to try or do 8 million things – Tell them to do one thing – again the goal is to have more people click, “I’ve done this”.
Share insider information The best tips leave a little nugget that most users wouldn’t know about like a secret menu item or a less crowded bathroom hidden in the back.
Don’t write reviews Tips aren’t reviews.

So what are ya waiting for? Sign up for your free foursquare Page here.