Creating Your Own Wedding Ceremony? Try These Helpful Tips

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Many couples are moved to write their own wedding ceremonies because they aren’t comfortable with the traditional ones, they don’t belong to a tradition that has a ceremony, or they just want to create something unique that expresses their love and commitment.

Because this is the beginning of a tradition that can be very important in your lives, I encourage you to think and talk it through carefully, with consideration for both of your wants.


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Of course, if you have a strong religious affiliation, you’ll have a leader from your faith (usually from your house of worship), who will most likely have a favorite ceremony to use. Still, whenever you’re using the services of a professional, it’s good to be informed, and know what your options are. Many clergy welcome your participation in designing your own ceremony.

Legal issues vary from state to state, so check out what’s required for a marriage license if you want legal sanction. If that’s not important to you (or legally available to you), you can have a wedding without a license. If you have a church tradition, it’s possible to have the wedding sanctioned by the religion without being sanctioned by the state. If you choose to go the legal route, understand that you’ll need some form of witnessing of the license and registering the signed license after the ceremony is done, before the state will recognize that you’re married.

To help you create a design of your own, I’m presenting the basics of wedding/commitment celebrations here, to use as a guideline.


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