Creating Your Own Wedding Ceremony? Try These Helpful Tips

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Get Your Friends Involved

Friends and family are an extension of your relationship, and they can either support or obstruct you. To make sure they’re supportive, especially when you’ve reached this important step, get them involved in your celebration. Of course, there will be people you want involved, and those you’re not so close to. Involving as many friends in the ceremony as possible creates a community feeling, a shared interest in the success of the relationship. Shared events, ceremonies and accomplishments provide an opportunity for bonding. Consider offering that opportunity to your friends.

friends at wedding
Image: Azlan DuPree via Flickr

Involving as many friends in the ceremony as possible intensifies the feeling of celebration and sharing. It also increases your abundance. Clothes can be handmade, a friend who specializes in gourmet desserts may be delighted to contribute a wonderful cake, good cooks will be happy to make a feast, and invitations can be printed on a friend’s computer or by a talented friend in beautiful calligraphy. Wedding suppers can be pot-lucked, music can be performed/written by friends, the ceremony can be a composite of others, or include original writings. Friends can read original or classic poetry, or just state their feelings at the moment.

The more you include friends and family, the more love and joy can be generated, and the more everyone will feel personally responsible for supporting your love.


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