How to Create a Tumblr Account for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome to Tumblr, the extremely popular microblogging site where the pronunciation of "gif" is debated multiple times a day and there is a meme for every occasion! When small businesses first get on the social media train, the outlets that always seem to take formation precedence are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  But if you have enough time to tackle on more platforms, why not tap into every social media outlet that applies to you? Tumblr may not be the first site you think to ultilize for small business, but with its ability to circulate and share content AND visual imagery alike, it's a great tool to explore for further exposure for your business for the following reasons.

You can get started in under a minute.

Go to, type in your email, password and username for your account, and you’re in! There’s no need to put in a long list of information about your business because what you share with your audience is up to you. If it's available, make sure your URL is the name of your business. If it's not available, try and pick a good username that’s as close to your brand's name as you can get because that’s how people will find you the best.


Before you start playing around with your account, get a good feel for the website. Sleuth out what hashtags are trending first. Head to the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the page and type in a keyword or phrase that has to do with your industry. You can start looking up from there all the blogs, posts, and pictures that are affiliated with whatever you typed in. This is a good way to see what kind of word of mouth is making the rounds about your brand.

Decorate your profile and get posting!  

Once you’re fully inspired, click the little cog button in the upper right corner of the blog. Here you can pick your blog’s theme, pick an avatar and adjust privacy settings. Be sure to pick a theme that goes with the vibe of your business, and matches your business’s colors since most business pages tend to upload their brand logo for their avatar picture.

When you’re all set up and happy with the look of your new blog, begin posting! It’s as easy as taking the links from other blog posts you’ve written and posting them on your page. Be sure to choose an appropriate and attention grabbing photo to go with the article, and you've hashtagged the post appropriately. And feel free to start connecting and building up a rapport with the community on the site too, both in the blogs that are talking about you and those that haven't started yet!