How to Curl Hair ~ Video Tutorial

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 There are many ways to curl hair and many tools to use.  I'm often asked about how to get curls that have the long, spiral look and how to get curly hair that lasts.

Have you ever noticed that unhealthy hair with split ends won't hold a curl.  Make sure you get a trim from a professional stylist before a special event where your hair (or daughter's hair) must be fabulous.

Shampoo with a volumizing shampoo and use a light conditioner (unless your hair is super coarse-then you should use moisturizing shampoo and light conditioner).  Professional shampoos and conditioners DO make a difference on your hair but that's another blog post.  ;)

Excellent styling products like a professional mousse is essential for all hair types.  I can narrow my favorites down to two mousses.   I would choose  THIS or THIS.

Blowdrying with your head flipped over will definitely produce more volume.  Only do this if you need more.

Finishing Touches:
If I had to choose a couple hairsprays that are good for daily use but also great for all-night hold I would pick THIS or THIS.   Finishing hairspray really makes a difference because most hairsprays that brag to be firm hold will make your hair too sticky and gooey.  No one wants that.

If you are in the market for a new curling iron, Hot Tools brand has been my favorite for years.  They have a thermostat to adjust the heat, speedy initial warm-up, super hot for quick curls and lasts for a very long time.  I suggest a  a 1.5inch barrel for very long hair with bigger waves or a 1inch barrel for medium to long hair with bouncier curls.

Video Tutorial:

The following video is a quick one I made while getting Princess ready for the Father ~ Daughter Dance.  See, I was thinking of y'all!

Sorry it isn't more in depth or longer but have more videos coming so be sure to subscribe here so you won't miss any.  The tutorial shows me using the 1inch curling iron I mentioned above to make barrel curls or spiral curls.

Have more questions about this method shown in video? Ask away in comments.


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