How to….customize Kido'z content for YOUR child

The Internet is like an endless ocean of websites and games and videos and pictures – sometimes we think that WWW stands for World Wide Wading! We know that busy parents will often give up when trying to find online content that is suitable for their kids.

Well, that’s where Kido'z comes in - we’ve taken the WADING out of the WWW and given your kids the WEB that’s right for them!

With lots of suitable and approved content automatically featured as part of the Kido’z application when you install it, your children will immediately find enchanting websites, fun games and entertaining videos, all age appropriate, all chosen for them, from the moment they log in!

But, while we may know kids, YOU know YOUR kids – so we always recommend to parents to review the online content we have provided, both to see what’s new each time (because we’re constantly updating!) and also because we believe parents should get involved and have a say. That’s why we have given you easy-to-use tools that will allow you to further customize the content we have offered to make it JUST RIGHT for YOUR kids.

To get to the Parental Control tools, all you need to do is click the link for Parents on the bottom right corner of your Kido’z screen and enter your personal Parental Control password. You will be directed to the Parental Control Dashboard, which presents all of the different options you can control for each kid account.

To get to our libraries of games, websites and Kido’z TV videos, click the icon marked Online Content. You will be asked which kid account you want to manage this for, because of course each child is independent and has different needs and interests.

Once you have chosen the account, select the category of online content you want to modify by clicking the relevant icon. In each section, the items that are visible are marked with a GREEN check mark .

If you want to remove certain games, for example, all you need to do isUNcheck the check mark and the games will be hidden. If at some point later on you want to return a game that has been hidden, all you need to do is click the check box again and it will automatically be returned.

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