How to Cut Parchment to Fit a Cake Pan!

How to cut parchment paper to fit a cake pan (it's super simple)!   


1. Cut a sheet of parchment paper large enough to cover the bottom of the pan.
2. Fold parchment it in half width-wise.
3. Fold parchment in half, length-wise. 
4. Fold the horizontal edge over the vertical edge to make a triangle.  


5. Repeat Step 4 to make a triangle half-the width of your original triangle.
6. With your pan upside down, line the tip your your triangle up with the centre of the pan and grab yourself a pair of scissors.
7. Cut off any parchment that hangs over the edge of the pan. 
8. Unfold your triangle and - ta da! - you’ve got a parchment circle that’ll fit perfectly inside your pan. Nice work! (Don’t forget to toss the leftover bits of parchment in the recycle!)

Happy baking!


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