How to Deal with Rude Coworkers During Meetings

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Raise your hand if you hate co-workers who are rude in meetings! From the passive-aggressive rude to the downright obnoxious, we've all been there...biting our tongue, not sure what to do. In this post Ask a Manager gives you the answer to how to handle these rude and annoying meeting attendees.

I work at a mid-size nonprofit in the fundraising department. We have staff both in a central office and out in the field. Lately I’ve been noticing that a group of my colleagues – the ones who have to call into meetings – have been getting ruder and ruder in meetings. They are all relatively senior staff, although not management. They complain about minor things (today it was that the conference call-in number was not on the meeting appointment…even though it was on the agenda and it is the same number we have used for conferences for more than five years), they go extremely off-topic, are condescending with senior management (including their boss and the head of our department), and are often forgetful about things that they were already informed about.

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