How To: Deal With Stress

If there is one thing I am not good at, at all, it is dealing with stress.

I always thought I was pretty good at it, but trying to plan a wedding has proved that not to be the case.  Everyone deals with stress differently.  Duh Kristyn we know that.  Ok, fine.  But do you  know how to de-stress and/or deal with stress?


 Identify what is stressing you out

Fun story.  While we were trying to get our room block put together for our wedding, I started stressing out.  But I didn't even realize it was stress until Jeremy said something to me about it.  I just thought it was normal to have my heart rate speed up and I got all panic-y.  He was able to help me identify that I was stressing out over our room block and we were able to work through it.

If he hadn't been there to help me identify my growing stress level, I don't know what would have ended up happening.  Once I knew I was actually stressing out and it wasn't normal behavior, I took a deep breath and we moved on.

Deep breathing is your best friend

It might look really strange and you might feel like a fool doing it (I did), but it does really work.  You have to breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.  Big deep breaths that fill up your diaphram.  I did about 5 of these deep breaths when we were planning out our room block and boy, it helped tremendously.

 Talk it out with someone

Since Jeremy was sitting right next to me, he was my person.  We were able to talk about our room block and he was able to understand why it was stressing me out so bad.  I felt like we had to get the room number "just right" so that we didn't have to pay for any unsold rooms.  We also had to get the villa situation figured out and who would be staying in them.

Once I told him everything that was on my mind and not just snippets of my feelings, he realized just how stressed I was.  By telling him, I was able to relax again because I didn't feel like I had all the pressure on me.  We were sharing the pressure of getting the room block right.

Walking away might be best

If you have used the above things and are still feeling stressed, walk away.  Clearly, being stressed and trying to solve a problem don't go hand in hand.  Walk away from it and come back to it later.  No one wants to "solve" something only to have to redo it again.

We have revised our room block twice because the first time I was so ready to just be done with it that we reserved too many rooms.  We never signed the contract, but I had to go back later and do it again.  Don't do something that stressed you out the first time twice.  You will just be stressed again and back to square #1.  I should have walked away the first time and come back to it later in the week instead of thinking it had to be done "right then".  Most of the time, things can wait a couple of days.

Don't procrastinate

If there is one thing that I hate more than anything, it is procrastinating.  It will make me a stress ball faster than that room block.  I always will get it done, but the pressure I feel is just insurmountable.  Don't be like that.  It's not pretty.  Plan things out as best you can and get them accomplished.

Part of my goal this year is to plan out blog posts and get them scheduled over the weekends.  I am trying to plan out the whole month of posts and writing a weeks worth on Sundays.  So far, it is working and it is helping me not feel like blogging is work.  I enjoy it so much, but I need to be more proactive and plan ahead than wait until the night before.

How do you deal with stress?



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