How to Dice an Onion like a Pro (It's Easy!)

How to Dice an Onion like a Pro
Note: When you dice an onion, you should use your free (i.e. non-camera-wielding) hand to keep the onion in place. 


1. Grab an onion (that bit’s crucial).
2. Cut onion in half, root to tip. Peel off the skin and any not-so-nice-looking layers.
3. Place one half cut-side down, and cut off tip. Leave the root end - the end with the roots - intact!   

 Starting at the tip, make evenly-spaced horizontal cuts in the onion. End cuts close to the root, but don’t cut all the way through the root! 
5. Again, starting at the tip, make several evenly-spaced vertical cuts. And again, end cuts close to the root, butdon’t cut all the way through! 
(The goal with Steps 4 & 5 is to make your cuts carefully so that your onion is held together in one piece by - you guessed it - the root. Do that, and the next steps will be super-easy!) 


6. Cut the onion width-wise, top to bottom, starting at the tip end. 
7. Repeat until you’ve reached the root end. Discard the root and marvel at your even dice! 


To change up the size of your dice:  
Simply adjust the number of cuts you make in Steps 4, 5, & 6! For a coarse (larger) dice, make fewer cuts; for a finer (smaller) dice, make more!

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- Steph :)