How did this happen?

Acquaintences had food fall from their open mouths when I told them, "We're moving in together." My mother was actually speechless on the phone when I told her. I understand why; I was 35 years old, and had been telling anyone who would listen since I was 12 years old that I would never live with a boy. After passing through the dangerous waters of 29-31, where it seemed like my friends and younger sister were running to the alter, I had decided thought that the ideal relationship would be if me and my two cats lived in an apartment across the hall from the man who warmed my bed several nights a week. 

I saw marriage as an outdated patriarchial institution where a woman compromised herself for the sake of the man's happiness and leisure. It was a game of push and pull where both parties kept score of who won. A married woman had to account for how money was spent, and buy skin cream on sale. A married woman never had enough sleep or the chance to pick the tv show to watch.  

So how did this happen? This being a wedding starting a marriage that has now led to this first blog post on a blog that may possibly become a blog about me being married? I think that is another post. 


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