How did you choose your baby names?

Baby is born but there is a problem...nobody can agree on a name. My husband and I got the call from our friend, their baby has arrived, it's a boy and both mother and son are doing fine. Of course, next question out of my mouth is "What's his name." The answer, "Well, we don't know yet, we haven't decided. Apparently we have up to 30 days to decide and if we don't know by then his name will be Conan," he says with a chuckle.

Conan! No way! I said. Conan is his favourite character but I can tell you right now nobody is going to allow Dad to name his son Conan. So, the challenge is out there to help name baby. It's difficult. You don't want some crazy name like Apple or Moonbeam following a child for the rest of their life as that may result in bullying and/or costly therapy bills. Hence, why Conan isn't going to work either.

Some new parents are inspired by family names that have been past down from generation to generation. Others take an existing popular name but do some creative spelling to gain an element of uniqueness. Of course, that usually results in many of us wondering if the parents just didn't know how to spell or whether they were trying to go for creative and missed. 

It appears to be such an awesome responsibility, the naming of a child. All of the questions flood into the equation:

What does he/she look like?

Can they carry that name into their adult years?

Do we have to give into family pressure to name a child according to tradition?

What happens if they end up hating their name?

Is there any middle name that goes with Conan? (Well, I guess we will leave that out)

What we have learned so far is that some suggestions are a definitely a "No." Especially when they are the same name as a former boyfriend, creepy cousin or the guy in school who picked his nose. Names leave a powerful impression. So, the name game continues for baby X.

How did you choose your baby names?


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