How difficult is it to win the lottery? I mean, buy a Wii Fit?

We are on a quest to find a Wii Fit, and of course, they are sold out everywhere!! So I signed up for one of those Wii Fit Tracker things that emails me when they are in stock somewhere. I got my first Wii alert yesterday afternoon, it was for Walmart and it included the 5-in-1 bundle for $129. I called my husband, because this is really his purchase to see if he wanted to spend that much and he was planning on spending $89. While I was on the phone with him, I put the Wii Fit in my shopping cart anyways, but he said no. And then he changed his mind and said yes, so I tried to complete the transaction — but it was gone. Oh sure, it showed up in my shopping cart, but virtually someone else had taken it. And when I refreshed the page — it told me that the Wii Fit was SOLD OUT!!

It actually shouted it at me.

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