HOW TO: Disco Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday!! 

This week's manicure tutorial is how to do what I like to call a disco manicure. 

I've been seeing a lot of fun very sparkly manicures lately.  Thing is they all seem to involve eight million different types of polish, special brushes, and a trip to some craft store for a hard to find glitter. 

This low maintenance gal has zero patience for all that fuss. 

Instead this weekend I picked up a new holiday polish from China Glaze.  It's part of their "Let it Snow" collection.  Twelve absolutely fun festive colors including Tinsel Town.  It literally looks like I have glittery little disco balls on my nails - I'm absolutely adoring this polish!!

Best part - unlike the other glittery polishes - this is a no fuss, no muss manicure.

China Glaze's Tinsel Town is a thicker polish - you do have to go quick with it. But there's zero streaking as with other glitter polishes.  Literally two layers of polish and I was good to go.

NOTE: Because of the abundance of shiny glitter it did leave a rough texture to my nails that I wasn't very fond of.  While I normally use Nailtiques as my base and top coat I instead used Sally Hansen's Ultimate Shield for the top coat.  It's a very shiny thicker polish so it filled in the roughness to my nails.  And best of all - each of the five layers of nail polish dried super quickly.

READERS: What fun manicures have you tried lately? Be sure to check out some of my other manicure how to's below

Happy Manicure Monday ladies!!

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