How to Dispose of Your Real Christmas Tree...and Be GREEN about It

So, you have already taken the environmentally responsible position of using a real tree rather than an artificial tree (unless you are planning to use that fake tree for 20 or more years, real is the best option).  But now that Christmas has slipped away, what are you going to do with that tree?  Your best option is to find a  local Tree Recycling Center.  You can do so using the Tree Recycling Locator from

If there is no recycling in your area, you can consider repurposing your tree as mulch if you happen to have access to a mulcher.  If you don't, you can stand your tree in your yard for the rest of the season to provide wildlife shelter.  Try hanging peanut butter-stuffed pinecones or suet feeders on the branches for extra treats for your outdoor friends.  If you're a city dweller and lack yard space, call local wildlife sanctuaries as they may have a use for your tree.

Whatever you decide there are two ways you should NOT dispose of your tree.  Do NOT burn it as burning will add to air pollution.  Do NOT ship it off to the landfill - it takes a long time to biodegrade in those conditions and occupies a LOT of space!


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