How do I blog on

Anyone who is a member of can blog on the site. Just log in (or create an account, if you haven't already done so) and ROLL your cursor over your profile icon in the top right corner of the page. Click "Write a Post" and a blog-post entry box will appear. Voila! If you can type an email, you can blog on Here's how:

- Choose up to three topics/sub-topics that are appropriate for this post using the Vocabulary menu. Your blog post will appear on these topic and sub-topic landing pages, unless one of our editors thinks it should be filed elsewhere.

- To write your post, you'll start with the default editor interface: the rich text editor with buttons at the top that look a lot like a word processing or email program. The buttons will allow you to add text links, insert images or video or use the html button to insert full html code into your post. The rich text editor is known to be a little clunky at times, so you can click 'disable rich text' link under the text entry box or you can permanently disable the rich text editor by deselecting "rich text editor" in the My Settings tab of your dashboard and write your own HTML code. (Don't worry, you can always go back to your account settings page and turn the rich text editor back on.)

- After you've typed in your text, you can use the Preview button to get an idea of how the post will look on BlogHer and make any changes before you submit the post. We recommend you skip the preview function if you've inserted video into the post because preview may cause the video code to break.

- We do not have an auto-save function that saves your work as you go along, so we do recommend you pre-write your post in another location, (we recommend a text editor, another blog platform, or Evernote - avoid using Word because copy/paste can cause unusual characters or broken paragraph breaks), and paste your work into the blog entry box on when it's complete. Don't risk losing your work if there's a server blip!

- There is also no way to save a draft of your post -- the "save" button will send your post directly to the live site.

- Once you've saved your post, you can edit it again at any time (as long as you're logged in). Go to the post and look for the "edit post" link near the byline. Please don't use the back button on your browser to try to edit your post, this will cause a duplicate entry to be created and our spam filter might just block your account for attempting to create multiple/duplicate posts. (If this does happen, use the Contact Us form and let us know -- we're happy to help retrieve the blocked post, if we can.

After your post has been published, you can find it on your profile, at the bottom of the home page and topic level pages you selected using the topics menu. Just scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you'll see all of the posts on the site, (editors' picks, network posts, and member posts), displayed in chronological order. You'll also see your posts this way on any topic and sub-topic pages you selected when you created the blog post.

Want to learn how to add video or images to your posts? Here's an FAQ that will teach you how.

Tips for creating posts that get clicked!

- Type in a great, "grabby" title -- make sure the title describes what the post is about. A good title can go a long way toward encouraging people to click! – no longer than two lines?

- Don't just add a link to your own blog. If you aren't going to post a full post, make sure you add a paragraph or two that tells people why they want to click to read the full post. Posts that are just a link don't get clicked. And, when people see your posts in the future, they'll be less likely to click at all.

- Make sure you're choosing topics and sub-topics that make sense for the post (not just for the things you normally blog about). If your post is about your dog, it should be in Life/Pets -- not in Style, even if you're primarily a Style blogger. Same goes for adding free tags. Choose free tags that help drill down into niche areas so that those who are looking for more content of this type can find your work more easily.