How Do I Eat

How Do I Eat?


I cannot actually answer that question 

The question for me should be.

How Do We Eat?

Truthfully if it  was only me, I wouldn’t eat…actually when it is only me I don’t eat.

 Oh, I do love spaghetti



I also love my coffee, and have gone all day drinking and living only on coffee.



On the other hand, I have a family and they need to eat.

Not only eat a meal, but also to savor what I am offering, a nourishing hot plate of family time!

It is because of this, I eat. It is because of this, I cook.

When we eat together, everything becomes elevated, the meal, our talks, our laughs, and we can put the day behind us and enjoy the moment.

Well that is what I hope for; and also, that one day they will remember the dinners, the dinnertime jokes, our talks, the laughter and how delicious  a meal is when sharing it with your family!


It does not stop with just the four of us…

It continues with our friends and extended family at home or away.



It can be anywhere


It doesn’t have to be elaborate…

Just a simple gathering!


Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!







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