How to do it all in life?

Do I want too much in life?

Yes, and so what?

I need to work for cash flow, but refuse to go back to being an employee. I am building my own business an e-learning site and determined to make it work.
That means dealing wiht the occasional  "what if, if it doesn't?"

I make it work.

I want to buy a yacht and go sailing and work from wherever in the world.
My daughters, 22 and 25 think I have gone mad. I've changed from a dutiful mother and wife, into a woman who wants to live. They cannot cope, but I am past worrying about what they think.

If I make it I've been the best mother I can be. I've showed them to get the most out of life.

It took me a while to get to this point though. I had to stay away from friends who are too scared to have a life and who are talking about retirement.

I have a new partner after escaping from a dead 28 year long marriage. It is bliss as I know what I want the second time around. I made sure.

I left my job, got used to having no income and knowing I will get one when teh busienss takes of.

I am learning new stuff as it is an e-learnign site and I knew nothing of internet, marketing and writing.

I am kayaking, camping, tramping and learning to sail after a life of hardly any out door activity.

What about you? Has anybody out there turned their life around before it is too late?



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