What's a Stay-at-Home Mom to Do with Free Time?

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Either choice sounds amazing! But today? I think I will sit down (yes I said sit down, normally forbidden for moms) in the recliner (yes I said the recliner, usually reserved for dads) and watch television! I will watch Direct TV, Netflix AND Amazon. I will not pause it 100 times to see why I have a little face in front of me trying to block my line of vision. I will not feel guilty because the washing machine is not running, or supper is not in the crock pot. I am going to sit here and catch up on every series that I missed while I was watching Caillou or Team Umizoomi. I will set my drink on the end table without worries that a little person will walk by and knock it off (it is the smallest things). I will eat my chips, right out of the bag, out in the open, without worrying that I am setting a bad example. I may even take a cat nap in between episodes of Downton Abbey. If someone unexpectedly drops by, I will not panic and act like I was actually doing something productive, but instead, offer them an afghan and ask them to join me. You are safe here.

You see I have made it through a battle. I have survived night feedings, teething, diaper rash, terrible twos and the Teletubbies. I believe that raising children, just like life, is all about the seasons. I am fully aware that as they grow, our time together will become less and less. I will one day long for the time when they were all tiny, and here with me. But for this moment, at this time in my life, I will celebrate. It is time for a new season, time to be their mom, in the ways that they need me now. There must be no greater feeling than knowing that you raised independent, well adjusted members of society.

Now if you don't mind, I am trying to watch a show.




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