How do we fix unemployment?

A recent study shows that unemployment rates amoung those who have at least a four year degree is just above 3% and unemployment amoung those who have a high school diploma or less is above 12%.

Even with the national unemployment rate standing at 7.9% there are jobs available. Industry experts explain that finding qualified candidates is making it difficult to fill these positions. The majority of unfillable positions are in manufacturing and information technology jobs.  With manufacturing becoming more and more automated these jobs require a higher technical skill set.

So how do we move that 7.9% of unemployed persons into these available jobs? The key is education.  This does not mean that every unemployed person needs to jump into a four year degree program. What it means is that more money and time needs to be invested in technical job training programs. 

How do we make these programs affordable?  As a person who is currently paying off student loans myself I often joke that my brain is now worth more than my home is.  My undergraduate degree cost around $100,000 alone (That was after several merit based grants and scholarships). Add on my masters degree and the cost of education for me was about $140,000. My total home value currently stands at just about the same. I still owe about $68,000 on my student loans. I will acutally being paying off student loans for just about as long as I will be paying off my mortgage.  

If we want to truly make an impact on the unemployment rates we need to build a work force that is capable of taking the jobs that are available.  We need to focus on making an education (whether technical or academic) attainable and affordable.

Otherwise our jobs will continue to be shipped overseas where the work force is capable of doing these jobs.







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