How Do You Celebrate Your Heritage? You Cook Something!

It’s Friday (Day 8 of #NaBloPoMo) and here comes the weekend! Two whole days off from work to relax, catch up on errands and spend some quality time with friends and family. 

Here in Barbados, November is the month we celebrate our independence and so on Saturday (or Sunday) I’m going to be making some super tasty Bajan fish cakes.  Yum yum yum!  And yes, I’ve finally graduated at long last from being a hopeless ‘non-cookist’ to an ‘Iron Chef Wanna Be’ of sorts - yeah me!

It’s a pity my mum isn’t here to enjoy them with me because I know she would be impressed but the first time I made fish cakes I have to admit, they looked more like bakes … bakes with some sort of ailment because they had lots of air pockets and looked rather scary.  The common comment of those brave enough to taste them however was: “Wait!  Dem got in fish!”  Guess that meant I passed the taste test irregardless of the presentation.

Read more about my trial and errors here, and then try the recipe included:

Happy Friday ;-)


Gale Weithers | Barbados

Twitter: @WeithersLiving




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