How Do You Create Enough Hours in the Day?

People say that the more technologically savvy we've become, the less time we have for ourselves. I won't be giving up my iPhone or deleting my Facebook account, but I've definitely experienced how this type of advancement can be a huge time suck.

Different demands pull us in every direction - family, professional obligations, maintaining friendships, errands, our own interests. Notice where I've put "our own interests." It seems like a lot of women put themselves last on the list. Even when we do manage to carve out time for ourselves, it's still easy to get distracted or be torn by how to spend those precious moments.

My main problems are a technology compulsion and indecisiveness. For the past month or so, I've been waking up at 5:45 AM to have some extra time to write before going to work. Sometimes I use my time wisely. I created a blog and have been writing pretty regularly. I've also started a travel piece that I've been working on...well, not much. Other days I start out with good intentions, but end up reading and writing e-mail or goofing off on Facebook. Then there are the days when I'm unproductive because of my wandering mind. What should I do this morning? I want to write in my blog, but I also want to start a home yoga practice. Maybe I should start that novel, I'm pretty excited about that...but I should finish that travel piece first. What about that collage idea I had? I wonder what's up on Facebook. 

What about you? How do you work in time for yourself in your busy life? How do you deal with competing creative ideas?


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