How do you feel about chiropractors? Would you see one to treat a headache?

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October is National Chiropractic Month, and the American Chiropractic Association is encouraging families to consider trying chiropractic care as a treatment for several types of headaches.

How do you feel about chiropractic health care?  Is it something you would consider for yourself and family?  Did you realize that seeing a chiropractor could be helpful for people who suffer with migraines and other types of headaches?

Headache Tips During National Chiropractic Month...

While many people associate chiropractic care as a treatment for bad backs, there is growing documentation that chiropractic is also effective in the treatment of cervicogenic headaches, migraines and cluster headaches.

“Research shows that spinal manipulation is an effective treatment option for headaches,” says Dr. Michael P. Griffin of Lakeville Chiropractic in Lakeville, and a member of the. American Chiropractic Association.

“Not only does drug-free, conservative chiropractic care provide almost immediate relief from pain, but it has significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief than many commonly prescribed medications.”

Although I know many people who go to chiropractors on a regular basis, I have never actually gone to one myself.  It's not that I wouldn't be open to trying a chiropractor, it's just that I've never had health insurance that covered one.

Lets take a look at what some women of the blogosphere are writing about their experiences with chiropractors.

From McCathy's Tub - Chiropractors are weird...

So, when I had that awful cold I mentioned it to my chiropractor during one of my visits to fix my neck the guy pulled my ears.

I mean, he literally pulled on my ears.

He said something about how it'll open up my sinuses to help them drain better. My friend thought that maybe he was pulling my legs instead of my ears. Ha!

But it did seem to help. I mean, my ears were popping all day long.

From Candles, Crafts and Whatnot - Okay, the Chiropractor Visits...

I thought that with everything going on with me and my health, and the fact that I still don't have a definite answer as to what is wrong with me, or if it will happen again, I was doing some research on WebMD, and found a very interesting article that said that if you have been to numerous doctors and had all the necessary tests, and you still don't have a diagnosis, that perhaps chiropractic treatments can help you...... huh?

Really?? So, I called my health insurance, to see if I was covered, and they said I was covered for 12 visits per calendar year, so I booked an appointment with a local chiropractor.

From The Pilates Body - Heidi's Blog...

So, one day I was doing a forward hamstring stretch, i.e. leaning forward with my chest towards on thighs. When I came back up, the pain is/was indescribable! It was horrible! The pain was like an electric shock that went from my low back, in my glutes, and down my leg. It was so bad I was flat on my back, couldn't walk, and my big brother had to carry me into the car and up to the Chiropractor's office. Praise God, my mom believed in Chiropractic care, after the first adjustment, I felt some release. The chiropractor told me, if I wanted to continue dancing I better learn how to use my core, (my pelvic floor) to support myself.

From Live Journal - I Love My Chiropractor...

Oy vey...the back pain I have had this pregnancy has been killer. One day I could not even walk! I know it's partly due to having a toddler to chase around and not being able to "take it easy" when I feel I should.

So I bit the bullet and paid a lump sum for a chiropractic package. I found someone who deals with pregnancy and would even come out to the home birth to do adjustments to help along labor! And basically, she has a pregnancy package so that I don't pay the standard rate each time I come in....I get 8 adjustments during the 2nd trimester and 12 during the 3rd. (Which may end up carrying over to post-baby?)

And while I have never been to a chiro before and my hubby thinks it's a bunch of quackery, I could not be happier. I basically told hubby to stuff it because he doesn't know what it feels like and this woman has magic hands. (There were days I was seriously having trouble breathing and she did an adjustment and I felt like my lungs gained an extra 50% capacity...awesome!)

From Everything Order - Wondering What A Gentle Chiropractic Adjustment Is Like?

My chiropractor, Dr. Goffe, let me bring my flip video camera in his office today so I could show my friends what a gentle chiropractic adjustment is like. He’s awesome. If you’ve ever wondered where I get so much energy, he is one of the reasons. When I leave his office after an adjustment, it’s like a flip inside has been switched. If I didn’t get adjustments from him, I would definitely be on pain killers. I love the fact that the root of the problem is put into alignment, instead of the pain just being covered up.

From Faith & Family Live - Align Me Up, Doc!

This time, though, since it seemed to me that my neck/back pain was obviously alignment related, I decided to try something different. There’s a chiropractic office near my house. I called them. They told me that they could fit me in half an hour later. I went.

I thought they’d just start lining up my spine - or whatever chiropractors call it - but they did x-rays and a bunch of other tests. I had to wait to go back that evening and get all the information about what they think is causing my pain. Apparently my neck is all messed up, but it’s fixable, at least according to the chiropractors.

I know a lot of people are skeptical about chiropractors. I believe the term my punk little brother used was “witch doctors” (although obviously he likes hyperbole). I myself prefer to approach any unknown entity with a healthy dose of skepticism, so I’m reserving judgment on the chiropractic treatment until I see if it works for me.

I’m hopeful, because my first two adjustments appear to have caused my pain to diminish considerably. Long term, who knows? We’ll see.

And some women even bring their children to pediatric chiropractors.

From Momma's June Bugs - Not One For Conforming...

I tell her, "I brought her to the Pediatric chiropractor because she was only turning towards her LEFT and seemed like she was in pain. I also bring her for her reflux". She huffs and puffs and says (as expected), " What is a chiropractor going to do for her reflux?". I calmly tell her that it was a miracle worker for Rylan's severe reflux, and that we thought it wouldn't hurt to give it another try. She hastily responds, "he probably just grew out of it at the same time you brought him". I kept thinking is this really happening, is the doctor playing tit for tat with me on everything.

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