How Do You Feel About Your Boobs?

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Only-Mama has an amusing and eye-opening post about boobs. (Did you know about the pencil test? Or the fact that menopause can make you go up a cup size?  I didn't.)  Her free-range nipples cannot be contained while her boobs have deflated and inflated over time, and still she searches for a bra that is worthy to hold her monster breasts.

I have big boobs. I have always had big boobs, though most people don't notice. I think my shoulders are slightly broad or something, because my boobs just seem like the right size for my body. Actually, when I look at other women,they all seem to have boobs that seem to be the right size for their body,too, so maybe that's how they are designed. 

Read Only-Mama's post in full (and know that you're going to laugh hard) and then tell us how you feel about your boobs.


Image: Bilbord99 via Flickr

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