How do you feel creative?

As I write this I’m still pumped from last week’s turnout to my new online course.

Thirty-nine students signed up two days after I launched Writing the Body—Awaken to the Body’s Wisdom and Connect to Your Creative Source

 Speaking of creativity…

How do you feel creative?

I’ve spent most of my writing life stuck in my head. I thought the mind was everything and that’s where creativity happened. Yet craniosacral therapy, meditation, yoga, spiritual guidance, acupuncture, homeopathy, and old fashioned hair-pulling, brought me back to my body and made me realize I was denying myself the pleasure of writing from a truly experiential place. Now I strive to write in being mode instead of solely in thinking mode because I know that being is where creativity truly flourishes.

Creativity tip: What events, activities or settings get you fired up and make you feel connected to your creative source. Make a list and schedule one into your week. Maybe it’s drawing or running in the park. Taking one hour in a stylin’ hotel bar or cafe to journal. Pick one; you can do it!

Let this sink deep in your heart: only creative people are happy. Happiness is a by-product of creativity. Create something, and you will be happy. -Osho

photo credit: Koukouvaya* via photopin cc