How do you follow a BlogHer blog?

t's me, the pest. Linda Sands: another good thing with more good intentions.

I jumped online thinking I needed about 7 minutes to update my profile as suggested by last night's email.

 I noticed my picture was old. 30 minutes later, new pic- but my head is cut off- despite resizing oh - too mnay times. I give up. thinking. why isn't it like FB. I should be able to drag, drop, adjust within that window. nope.


Then, I am told that I don't have any blog followers and I don't follow anyone. Of course I do. So, I give myself a few minutes to fix that.

 Hmm. Oddly, I can't.

 I see the blogs, I read the blogs. i search the blogs... but there is no FOLLOW ME button, or SIGN UP HERE, or YOU LIKEY? click here.



 BLOGHER, please make it easier. i have twitter and facebook yahoo buzz and google reader and tumblr and zing and zow and shamboozle and a bout seventeen bazillion other places to mess with. I don't need this crap.


 Anyone have a simple answer? Be glad to use it.

Be happy to follow the book blogs, the writing blogs, the travel blogs and the mothers of teens blogs- also shopping and entertainment- let's not forget those.

 like: write by the water: writers retreats and


 thank you






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