How do you get motivated?

Ah, yes, the fifty million dollar question.  I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this or "I just can't get motivated."  I do understand, believe me!  It's not often that I feel unmotivated but it has occurred during certain rough periods in my life.  It's like... no matter how bad you SHOULD be doing something or NEED to do something, you just can't muster up the motivation to do it!  It really is a disturbing feeling sometimes when you want to achieve the goal that is at the other end of the tasks that need to get done.  
The truth is motivation is really the willingness to do something.  Actually the desire and willingness to do something.  If you're not motivated you're not willing.  Willingness is a choice and a decision.  It's you making up your mind that you need to or want to do something and then picking your body up when it weighs a ton and getting yourself to do it.  It's seriously no more simple than that!  
This could relate to getting out of bed, starting a new project, exercising, doing certain tasks at work etc.  I know there can be many different reasons that make you not motivated: too much to face (feeling overwhelmed), not enough energy to do it, not in the mood, can't concentrate and the list goes on...  Sometimes, you don't even know why you don't feel motivated.  Without speaking to you personally or digging in and finding out what's going on - it would be hard to help specifically.  But my catch all advice is this:

1) Make up your mind about something and do it
2) If you can't do what you need to, do something you want to
3) Pick one thing off your to-do list and get it done - the rest is easier from there
4) Use other resources to motivate you like pictures, music, motivational speakers, books etc.  
5) Get out of the environment for a bit and then try going back to it
We could also partly refer to this as self discipline, however this seems to relate more to being already on track and staying on track when motivation seems like trying to get on track.


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