How Do You Get Your Kid Away From Video Games in the Summer?

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Two girls (6-11) playing video game

I am going to curse myself by saying this, but my daughter could care less about video games. (What is Starcraft II, which I guess is setting the gaming world on fire right now?) She's only slightly less apathetic about online games (though, at six, she does like to do the occasional spin through KidPix or And she watches perhaps three shows on television. I don't really have to rip her away from screens. I hear, though, getting kids off the video games and into the backyard during summer vacation is a challenge for a lot of people.

Thank goodness for all of us.  It means that I know people who have lots of experience with children and screens.

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Do your kids just want to play games all day during the summer? What do you do to get them up and out of their chairs?

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