How Do You Grade Obama's First 100 Days?

Tired of the routine 100 days analyses? Salon asked a wildly diverse compendium of opinionated pontificators,
including me, to grade the president's foreign policy, economic policy,
and overall performance. Oh, in 200 words. Check 'em out.

How do you grade him? Please share your thoughts by clicking on
. Here's the report card I sent to Salon; they cut my
last, and best (IMHO), paragraph:

Remember in elementary school we got grades for both content and
conduct? Obama's first 100 days need a similar grading system: what he
substantively accomplished and the way he accomplished it.

Economy: Content: C, Conduct: A.
hasn't turned things around but he's made us feel lots better. Geithner
and Summers were uninspired appointments. His stimulus mimics FDR's
roads and bridges approach, which doesn't fit today's information (and
less gendered) economy. Sadly, he’s missing his moment to lower health
care costs 25% by failing to bite the single payer, everybody in the
pool, bullet.

Foreign policy: Content: A, Conduct: A.
world sighs with relief that the U.S. has a culturally competent
president who can string a cogent sentence together and chooses
handshakes over Cheney-esque snarling. Plus, Hillary Clinton in the
bargain. Woot!

Extra credit: Reversing the
global gag rule; liberating stem cell science from ideology, Ledbetter
Fair Pay Act; Council on Women and Girls, multitasking, smiling.

Demerit: Failing to push the Prevention First Act when 90% of Americans support access to birth control.

Overall: Content: B, Conduct A
grasps that 90% of success is taking action. He understands the power
of communication. He’s on our television and computer screens more
frequently than any previous president, making us feel we're in this
together, we'll pull through. Which means, perception being reality in
politics, most likely we will.


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