How Do You Handle Your Kids' Halloween Candy Part Two

Halloween Candy Part Two

 How Do You Handle Your Kids' Halloween Candy? Part Two
So the candy tower was one big pile of candy with our baby tearing it down every five seconds. Then our triplets were putting all of the candy in a big basket all the while our baby is emptying it. Pretty funny!
The family basket of candy is working well; my husband and I are enjoying all of our favorite candy.
The trick or treating part of our night was really fun. Our kids were so excited that we were in costumes with them and kept talking about how we are a super hero family.
Our baby never ceases to amaze us at how BIG he is. We wish he would stay babyish longer! But no, he knew exactly what was happening and held onto his candy bucket for dear life and was going to make sure he went to every house with his brothers and sister. He even began saying Trick or Treat the best he could by the end. So cute!
The Choo Choo Wagon saved us. I'm sure our kids would have been too tired if they had walked all night and we definitely would have had to each carry two kids home by the end of the night. Not to mention that they looked so adorable in their trick or treat train. For more on how much we love our Choo Choo wagon you can read this post: Choo Choo Wagon For Twins Triplets Quads.
Our triplets are "potty trained," they are in underwear all the time and just have accidents when it is more convenient for them.  I took a wild guess that tonight it might be more convenient for them to go in their pants so as a precautionary measure I put them in pull-ups.
This was a good move. Our boys stayed dry all night, but our little girl not so much. Not so much to the point that the pull-ups didn't even help a whole lot and our night ended with a necessary bath for her, which of course, like feeding triplets, and pottying triplets means that if one of them needs it, they all "need" it.
Thankful for a fun family night in costume and eating candy!


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