How do you maintain your child's weight?

Chldhood obesity is really a problem; in fact, this is the first generation that isn't expected to outlive their parents.


Remember when British super-chef Jamie Oliver came to this country a few years ago trying to change the school lunch programs? I was brought to tears by a 17-year-old girl who was told by her doctor that she had metabolic disease and could only expect to live for 6 more years--UNLESS she changed her eating habits.


Then I went to jury duty and became friendly with one of my fellow jurists.  Over lunch she confided in me that she was greatly concerned about her 13-year-old's weight and one of her "tricks" is that she gives her daughter a big plate of veggies before the child has dinner.  Sounds great, I thought.  Being in the health and nutrition field, I love that idea--but what do you do if your kid won't eat veggies?  This lady was lucky in that her daughter obviously loved vegetables.


What are some of your "tricks?"  Let's connect!