How Do You Spell Pagina?

He moves on quickly to another subject wanting to know why he has to live in a world without pirates, who made God and how many people are in the Chinese army. He’s on to other subjects, but I'm not. Because I know that this will be the last shower. He’s growing up. His life is moving forward.  That means my door is closing, while others are hopefully opening for my son.

I get sad thinking about what it all means. It’s not that I’ll miss being looked at like a science experiment or being walked in on in the bathroom mid-tampon, but I’ll miss my kids. They won't always be little and innocent. They won't always want to be within 27 centimeters of me. They won't always want the door open, but it's time. I know this.

Experts may tell you that your kids will know when it’s time to make a change, but they’re wrong. You’ll know. Once your kid can spell pagina, he shouldn’t be seeing yours.  You’ll miss him, but he’s growing up. And so are you.




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