How do you work it?

When my workday is finally done at 5:00 the last thing I am thinking is 'Yeah! I have so much energy! Time to work out!' It's more like 'Oh my gosh.. I am so tired. All I want to do go home and cuddle with Lucy.'

BUT I try my best to get motivated to do some sort of exercise activity at least 4 times a week. I teach dance two nights a week so that takes care of two out of the four. LOVE teaching my sweet girls-so rewarding.

recital photo with text

The other two days I try to do some sort of cardio/toning program. I have P90X at home and I really do like it and believe that it is a good workout. No, I don't follow the 'plan' like you are suppose to. I usually either put in the cardio or plyometrics DVD and work it out in my sun room (I'm always wondering if the neighbors are secretly watching.. oh well I keep on truckin'). Both the cardio and plyometrics kick my butt.

Working out at home is fine .. but sometimes I just need to work out with other people to give myself a little push. When I'm feeling this way I go to my local Zumba class. I've heard a lot of people say they can't do Zumba.. they can't dance.. yada yada.. I promise - anyone who is physically healthy can do Zumba. Plus it is so much fun! I like to think that I am in pretty good shape, yet every time I do Zumba it keeps pushing me.


Zumba has really taken off and is so popular right now I'm sure there is a class near you. Don't know anyone? Scared to try it? Grab some friends and invite them to go with you. It's great girlfriend bonding time. I grab a couple of my best friends and we go to class when we can. It's fun to dance and laugh with each other.

Check out the Zumba website for class locations near you!

I'd love to hear your workout routines!



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