Using Candid Photos to Document a Day in Your Life

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7. Think ahead. As you're going about your day, think ahead to the next few hours. What's likely going to be happening then? Will you be putting the baby down for a nap, making lunch, greeting someone at the door? It's okay to not take the picture on the hour. It's perfectly fine to bypass photographing taking the trash out so you can capture your daughter feeding the dogs when you get back in. The only rule here is to keep the pictures of stuff that naturally, normally happens.

8. Upload, Save, Print, Enjoy. Don't take too long to upload and edit the pictures (and by edit I don't mean you have to do any fancy photoshopping to them, just that you need to delete the ones you don't want to keep). Find a way to add and save descriptions of your day along with each picture, either by blogging them or scrapbooking them -- something to put words with it. Finally, I think it's a fantastic idea to turn one ordinary day into a beautiful photo book that your family can look back on for years. How often do days like that get the honor of being printed on paper? Not often enough.

In the end, it's not about rules, so don't stress if you miss an hour or two. It's not about taking technically great pictures. It's about capturing those moments we don't celebrate now because they happen so often ... the moments we'll miss the most when they cease to happen. If you'd like to take a peek into my ordinary day, I'd love to have you.


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