How Does This Relate to Me?

Do you ever sit at church and wonder if the talk/sermon being given to you by a guy is for you, when it feels like it's geared towards a man?  Do you ever feel left out completely when talk of blessings and such is brought up?  I do.

Tonight was our monthly YSA (Young Single Adult) Fireside at Church.  It was good and fun, but, like with many meetings, I was left with the feeling of, "Is this really geared towards me?"  The thing that applies to most churches is that men get to hold the powers of authority, and, therefore, get these feelings that they're entitled to more of the Kingdom of God than women do.

Tonight was a discussion of Calling and Election, which is an interesting topic brought up in 2 Peter, but the way it was discussed, with things only referring to how men are chosen for things, it made it feel like I was not an intended party for the discussion.  It felt like men get this great honor to take care of the Church, while women are expected to take care of the children.

I hate this feeling.  I really do.  It's hard to be a feminist in the Church because there are so many things that I feel like I'm being denied because I was born as a XX, instead of an XY.  Should I feel this way?  Did God really intend for women to feel so left out?  I would ask, but as a convert, I feel like my questions might fall on deaf ears.  As a converted woman, I feel completely left out.

If women are not as important to the world, then why are we here?  Why is it that we have this expectation to raise and rear children, but we're not given the opportunity for advancement in our church?  Why is it that we are denied the Priesthood?  Why is it that we're not expected to see Jesus at any time and receive our "Calling and Election"?  Or why does it, at least, feel that way?

Maybe I grew up with the wrong kind of influences.  Maybe I let the story of Lilith and Adam affect my thoughts more than I should have, but is it really fair to tell someone that because they're a woman that they're not as likely to get all the blessings that life has in store for their male counterparts?

How does it relate to me when they talk about being the head of household?  How does anything they're talking about relate to me?  Am I just being selfish when I'm thinking about this?