How Easy is it to Manage Resources?

What is resource management? Resource management, by definition is the process of utilizing the project, department or company's resources in the most efficient means possible. These resources may include tangible resources for instance financial resources, equipment and labor e.g. employees. Another key type of resources is abstract resources which include ideas such as making sure that there are sufficient resources to sustain and grow the business, or making sure that the employees are supplied with sufficient tasks that are relevant to the business to keep them busy such that they don't have too much downtime at the expense of the company or business.

Businesses have always been faced with external challenges, for instance stiffer competition in the market or the clientele demanding solutions of lower cost. However these businesses are also increasingly faced with internal challenges that have a direct impact on business performance.

Resource management has been a headache to many organizations and business. This is due to the fact that resource management is a very sensitive and intensive task that requires a lot of accuracy, scrutiny and accountability. Aside from the relation to people aspect, humans have struggled with the other aspects of resource management. However, the advancement in technology has come as a relief to many organizations, since the mechanization of resource management has brought an efficient method of managing resources.  Advancement in software development has brought about the development of Resource Management Software (eresourcescheduler). This has released the tension that comes with managing resources manually.

The impact of utilization of Resource Management Software on day to day resource management is vast.

Record Storage and Retrieval

Resource management professionals generally process a considerable amount of paperwork in form of records and also have to store much of those records on file for a considerable amount of time. These stored records are in paper form have a limited life span. After a while they degrade and are no longer of much use. Software has been developed that enables a person to enter data into the computer and records are kept in a highly durable database. The presence of a central database made sharing of these records easy and fast, just by the click of a button. Data storage and retrieval have been made much easier and less labor intensive.

High Accuracy

Resource management professionals are humans. Thus there level of tendency to err is high especially when they are tired or sick. The software developed to manage resources, software can be coded or designed in such a way that it checks the integrity of the record entered. This reduces the chances of imputing false or incorrect data regarding the resource being managed.    


Software developed to manage resources can compute and analyze data giving updated trends in resource utilization and their relation to each other. This in turn enables the resource management professionals to catch any abnormal fluctuation in the resource utilization in time to deal with it accordingly. The software depending on the development may also be able to project the expected trends of resource management and utilization. This will assist the organization to make precise plans on the way forward.

Performance Management

Enhanced performance management is another inevitable by-product of technological improvement. Resource management professionals may use computer technology/ management software to assess employee or resource-managing policy performance and also to get feedback from employees to be used for the overall improvement of the organization. There are a wide variety of software programs available in the market that make it possible for resources management professionals to analyze employee or enacted resource-managing policy's performance utilizing metrics to ensure that employees or resource-managing policies are matching up to the performance standards of the organization. Employees or resource-managing policies that don't measure up can be subjected to additional training or amendment respectively. However if they cannot be helped they are gotten rid of in favor a replacement who can come in and do a better job.

In the final analysis, the use of technology in management of resources is a vital step forward for any business, individual or organization. There is a wide variety of software that has been developed to ease the burden of manually managing resources. The employment of this software will not only make the management of resources more efficient, it will also boost the productivity of the business.


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