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TRUTH BOMB: life may look poised and planned out and perfect online, but in reality…that simply ain’t the case. Life is chaotic and cluttered and full of emotion–and that’s what makes it a) beautiful, and b) difficult to plan for.

I’m just shy of reaching two full weeks back in the U.S., and it’s been just dreamy. Lazy afternoons poking around secondhand stores with my sister, after-work champagne and strawberries watermlon with my mama, digging into local brews + music, and some Big News soon to be shared (eep!) It’s been at once a sultry, summery reassimilation and a blurred whirlwind of hugs and kisses and tears.

What it’s left little time for, however, is the ritual that keeps me most centered, most grounded–simple, home-prepped meals. From Fathers’ Day brunch to a catch-up lunch with Grandma to dinners and drinks downtown, there’s been minimal meal planning and grocery shopping goin’ on.

But without the habits and rituals that keep us calm + focused, where do we end up? We get frazzled and frayed, convinced that we can just gogogo and change everything tomorrow, that’s it, cold turkey. We fall into the all-or-nothing trap, which, for me, sounds something like a few margaritas alongside a basket of chips + salsa + guac today, then nothing but salad tomorrow.

And as we all know, that’s not the most realistic–or fun–way to live. The good life is all about balance.

HOW, though, is it possible to maintain that elusive balance when it really does feel like there’s just no time?

I have a suggestion.

Instead of thinking:
“What am I going to eat for [breakfast/lunch/dinner] today?”

switch to:
“What am I going to eat for [breakfast/lunch/dinner] this week?”

And plan the next few days out for just. that. meal.

Are you on vacation, and know you’ll be checking out restaurants nightly for the next five days?
You can still stop by the grocery store and pick up fixin’s for green smoothies every morning.

Are you catching up with friends and relatives over coffee, and treating clients to dinners?
Bring a batch of rice, beans, frozen veggies and sauce to work.
Instant, nearly-effortless healthy lunch.

Are you working a job with wonky hours that rushes you straight through lunch, sans break?
Throw a biiiiiiig ol’ batch of stew in the crock pot.
Add as much produce as you can fit.
Filling, healthy dinner every night.

Keep this up long enough, and you’ll start planning for more than just one meal (right now I plan all three, but leave wiggle room for fun).

But for now, start with your one. And go all in on that one.

It’ll keep you calm.
It’ll keep you grounded.
And it’ll keep you on track, healthwise, toward where you want to be.


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 This post originally appeared on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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