How exposed to chemicals are you? Do you need a hazardous warning label?

What chemicals are you exposed to daily?  Are you curious?  Would you need a hazardous chemical warning label?

Biomonitoring, or testing your body for chemical exposure, is expensive.  But you might want to know what your potential exposures are to toxic chemicals so that you can take some preventive measures to reduce the exposure.  Of course, just because you are exposed to a toxic chemical doesn't mean that you will get sick.  And, the exposure might not even be a problem.  There is a lot of uncertainty in what is and what isn't safe, how we are exposed, whether our bodies can metabolize various chemicalse, etc.

Nonetheless, many people would like to do what they can to reduce their exposure to chemicals, particularly if it is as easy.  For example, despite the fact that the science and regulatory agencies have not yet agreed on whether bisphenol A (BPA) is a concern, people are still skipping polycarbonate plastic bottles to reduce exposure to BPA.  If you haven't paid attention to the debate, BPA may leach from polycarbonate plastic into any food stuff, so getting rid of polycarbonate plastic bottles can reduce your exposure to BPA.  And that's a very easy switch to make with so many alternates available.

Knowledge is power.  So, if you are curious, check out Do You Need a Hazardous Chemical Warning Label at 5 Minutes for Going Green.

Jennifer Taggart, Smart Mamas Do It All Naturally


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