How Fast Is Fast?

I realize that all of us have a different standard of "fast". How do I
know? Because when I tell my kids to get going "and fast" it is
blatantly obvious to me that their perception of what they are doing is
fast, but to me it is at a snails pace! Ugh!

I realize that kids like to stop and smell the roses, and yes there are
times that I do to, I would expect that the average adult would not be
sniffing them in the McDonalds FAST FOOD drive thru! While in the drive thru
yesterday I was going to grab a quick lunch and head to my next
destination, expecting that since I didn't have a whole lot of time
Micky Ds would be my best solution. So I pulled in....

There was a line of about 4 cars, but hey, it is 4 cars in a drive thru line. These people are ALL wanting to be somewhere else, or they would have stopped in and had a bite. Right?

The line moved quickly at first but then the lady in front of me in the cream colored Ford Edge somehow lost her train
of thought. Not while she was ordering, but there must have been
something in her car that was ULTRA intriguing because she forgot she
was in line! She sat there while everyone else moved up. I was thinking
well SURELY she will move up. Then after a moment, my thoughts went to
"Do we honk in a drive thru line? Would that work? If I did would she come out of the car and stomp me?" Hmmm- anyway, she FINALLY figured it out and pulled up.

There are 2 ordering windows at this McDs,
so she went to the first one. I pulled up to my window said "Number 3
no cheese and a large coke." I was ready to go!! But WAIT!!!! Old Ms.
Ford Edge apparently had no idea what she was going to be ordering. She
sat there and then chatted with 'person in the speaker' for a while and
then finally pulled up. Now by this point most humans know what is coming next. I think my 4 year old could go step by step in a drive thru
line and be prepared for the next part. But Ms. Ford Edge seemed quite
surprised that in fact at her next stop she would be asked to get money
out and pay! What? You need money? I thought this was a free food

Well she again finally found some spare change and
paid for her food, but you guessed it. She wasn't prepared and I waited
yet again for her to figure out this next step in the oh so very
complicated drive thru
process! What do I do with this strange liquid in a cup that you just
gave me?!? UGH!! PEOPLE! I know there is a learning curve to things,
but I also know that if this is the first time you have done something
DO SOME RESEARCH so you don't annoy those around you.

finally got my meal, and although I didn't time it, I'm pretty sure I
ate faster than it took me in line. I hope Ms. Ford Edge will learn
that fast food actually is trying to do what it says....get you food
FAST! And while I know that we all have a wide variety of what fast is,
I can't imagine that what she did would even be considered by the
'slows' to be fast!!!


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