How to Feel Creative From 9 to 5

Working in an environment where your creative juices are constantly flowing but afraid that the 2:30 PM feeling may eventually dry them up? Don't let your creativity escape you when you need it most! Here are three tips to keep your bright ideas at a consistent high:


Music flowing from your earbuds can be your saving grace when you’re feeling particularly unenthused about what you’re working on—it can get you to where you need to be. Need to write up an article for your company's blog first thing Monday morning? A little ‘80s pop radio should do the trick! If you’re bothered by hearing lyrics while you’re trying to come up with your own words to write, there are plenty of epic film score stations on Pandora that can turn a blog post into an exciting journey- soundtrack to Indiana Jones anyone?


Dressing within your office’s dress code is first priority, but that doesn't mean that you still can't show off your personality! Who says blazers need to be strictly black? A nice jewel tone blazer with your standard pencil skirt shows the world, including your office, more about the girl behind the dress clothes. If you start off first thing in the morning expressing how you feel through your ensemble, while keeping those choices professional, it'll be easier to feel creatively charged in all you do for the rest of the day.


Whether you have a corner office, a cubicle, or just a desk, creating your own space is important! Every person has certain trinkets, colors, and visual images that make them feel at home. Maybe some serene pictures of nature are just the focus you need to finish that press release. Or it could be a picture of your children; a nice reminder of why you work so hard!