(VIDEO) How To: Find That Perfect Hairstyle

I like to wear my hair away from my face, but I am bored of always tying my hair in a ponytail. How do I find creative ways of jazzing up my hair?

YouTube has a great library of hair tutorials, but finding the perfect "do" can be overwhelming. Read on for simple tips on how to narrow your search results and find the hairstyle that will leave you looking your best.

Among the millions or billions of videos on YouTube, hair tutorials make up a large percentage of them. For almost any style you'd like to create or can imagine up, there's a how-to video there to help you out. But with all the trillions of tutorials at your fingertips, navigating through them all is some serious business.

If you already follow a blogger who does hair tutorials {like me ;} chances are you just watch hers without searching for anything more. But let's say you don't have a favorite hair tutorial vlogger or blogger and need to know how to do the latest up-do and can't for the life of you figure out how. Here are some tips to help you navigate the sea of hair styling tutorial videos on the internet.

1. Go to YouTube and do a search for the particular hairstyle you're looking for. Be specific with your keywords so the right videos pop up. For example: "No Heat Curls".

2. There are various ways to achieve curls without using heat {using my example above} so a search for "No Heat Curls" will produce hundreds of videos on the subject. You can watch each and every one until you find one you like OR you can narrow down your search even more.

3. Narrow your search down by being even more specific. In this case, try adding the words "twisted buns, sponge rollers, Bantu knots, sock buns, overnight" to get to what you're looking for quicker.

(Editor's Note: The great thing is that with a little bit of digging you can find a technique that will work for any type of hair. For example here are videos from Naptural85 whose hair is a very different length and texture than Maegan's showing how to get a similar look as Maegan in her No Heat Curls and 5 Minute Holiday Hair Side Bun tutorials.)

4. They say don't read a book by it's cover, but is the same true for YouTube video thumbnails? Sometimes it's best to choose from a photo of a hair style in a thumbnail that looks closest to what you're going for.

5. Choose a video that has 100,000 hits rather than 2,000. Chances are, the one with more hits is better, though not always. A hair tutorial doesn't have to be "professional" to get the point across.

6. If you don't like the one you've chosen to watch, there is a list of related videos down the sidebar making it easier to see something you may like and click to it.

7. Choose a shorter video over a longer one. 10 minutes is usually the max upload time but many women go on for a good 5 minutes before even getting to the hair tutorial. I get that they have loyal followers who actually care about what they are saying, but for our purposes, we're just trying to get to the gold then go and try it for ourselves.

8. If you're looking for a style you can do yourself, choose a video created by one person who does her own hair, so you can see exactly how her fingers are moving to create a "fishtail braid", for example. Some styles get lost in translation when you're watching someone else do it on the back of another faceless head.

9. DON'T judge a video by it's "likes" and/or "dislikes". There are many "haters" on YouTube who enjoy "disliking" videos just to be snarky. Avoid the comments as well, in most cases.

10. And if you like a particular how-to-er, subscribe to their YouTube page to get updates when they upload a new video hair style tutorial.

YouTube is getting more populated by the day so I hope I could offer some helpful tips to steer you in the right direction and get you Looking Your Best on the regular. Or you can ignore everything and just watch my hair tutorials and call it a day! {yes, that was a gratuitous plug ;}

Do you have a favorite blogger or YouTube channel for hair tutorials (ed: in addition to Maegan's, of course)? Do you create your own? What's your best tip for finding the best tips?

BlogHer Style Editor Maegan Tintari {@loveMaegan} is a Fashion, Home & Lifestyle blogger in Los Angeles. Go to ...love Maegan for your daily dose of inspiration!


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