How to Find Your Creative Call

What is your creative calling?  Find out by reading The Creative Call. It’s your chance to discover or uncover the creative gifts that God has placed in you.

The unfortunate truth is that once
we have found our way in the so-called “real world”, even if we become
successful in a chosen profession, many of us discover we’ve lost
something of ourselves. We lose the simple pleasure that we once
cherished of being who God created us to be and doing what God created
us to do.
We may even feel our gifts are lost forever. But are they?

Our gifts are not from God to us, but from God through us to the
world. When we fail to use these gifts, we suffer the same way a person
accustomed to regular physical activity may feel pent up, out of sorts,
and off-balance after going several days without exercise. When we try
to live without exercising our artistic gifts, we may feel restless and
empty. Life lacks fullness. Something buried deep within longs to

– Excerpts from The Creative Call

 Don't you think that many women bloggers are just beginning to find
their creative voice, and it takes a while for them to believe that
they have influence, that they truly have something to offer? 
Most of us, myself included, are discovering a new side of ourselves,
are finding creative gifts we never knew we had, and would benefit from
an outlet to guide our new growth.  That is where I believe an online
discussion of the book The
Creative Call
would be a great help. One of the biggest challenges many women face in pursuing an artistic calling is that
it seems like one more thing to work into an already overloaded
schedule. The Creative Call offers tiny steps of reflection and
discovery that  most interested people could find the time to
complete. I also believe that the encouragement and accountability of a
group of online friends would make the process more fun and exciting.

If you are ready to uncover your buried gifts, you are invited to
join us as we embark on an 8 week journey of exploration with The Creative Call.
An online group has been set up where we can “meet” to discuss what
we’re learning, share new insights, and encourage one another to
experiment with our gifts. It will be facilitated by Lisa Scott, of Wisdom Pursuit.
Though the holiday season is a busy time, there is no better time of
the year to provide so many opportunities for exploring our creative

Are you excited yet? Ready to see what God has for you? I can’t wait to meet you all! To find out more about joining our discussion group, please visit


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