How to Find Your Tribe

How to Find Your Tribe

How to Find Your Tribe

I spent many years looking for friends in the all the wrong places.  When I moved to the Main Line in 2002, I tried to be the quintessential ‘Main Line Mom.’  I went to charity luncheons, I joined volunteer organizations, I tried ‘mom’ groups, and I even half-heartedly attended book clubs.  But I was bored.  I didn’t ‘click’ with the women in these groups and, quite frankly, they weren’t thrilled with me either.

Over time, I realized that I was trying to be someone that I’m not.  Rather than trying to crowbar my way into the ‘Main Line Moms’ social scene, I needed to find my own tribe.

What’s the SECRET to finding your tribe?

The key to finding your tribe is to identify ONE activity about which you are passionate.  For me, it’s fitness.  I love running, spinning, and weight training, and I’m learning to love yoga and pilates.  I’m always up for something active.  When I’m at a gym, race or fitness class, I’m in my element.  I’m relaxed, I’m happy, and I’m confident.  In this setting, it’s easy for me to make new friends because I’m able to be myself.

Surround yourself with people that appreciate and celebrate you.  Be proactive about creating a happy life – you’ll be glad that you did!



Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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