How the game of LIFE really teaches life lessons

We live on the West Coast of Canada. While we don't have a lot of snow, we DO have a LOT of rain. Add to the mix that we live in a condo, it is easy for the 6-year-old to get restless. Lately we have discovered some old boardgames and I was shocked at the number of life lessons we covered off with (the even more aptly named in my books) - The game of LIFE.

Here are some of the great conversations we covered during the game - a great way to have a casual chatter about some BIG topics:

  • Going to University vs Not
    This was a great one, since in the game if you don't go to university, you choose one possible salary card, and that is what you get. If you do decide to go the university path, you get to choose from three - the math is pretty simple on that one - he always chooses the university path - Win #1!
  • Insurance and the importance of protecting your stuff
    Right off the hop, you have to decide if you are going to buy insurance for your car or life insurance - a great way to talk about what insurance is and why adults have it. He declined it the first time, then got caught a few times during the game. Each time - he buys it up front now. Win #2!
  • Same-sex marriages
    We have had a conversation about this already, but it was interesting to see when I landed on "Get Married", he joked and put a girl in the passenger seat of my car. I quickly pointed out that some girls do marry other girls. And he just smiled and said "ya Mom, I know". Win #3!

Add in the factor that we are spending one-on-one time chatting and playing without technology, and clearly family game night is a well planned night!


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