How to Get A Guy/Girl To Really Like You!

Most people can get a date. Usually the problem is getting beyond the initial encounter and moving forward to a second and third date. Part of the issue is that in today’s busy society of emails, texting, video chat and online dating people are serial dating. If you have two or three dates in a week it is virtually impossible to remember interesting and important facts about each person. You may connect with someone on your date but before you can think of planning to see them again, you have date #2 to go on and then #3. By the end of the week you can’t remember who likes running, reading and current events and who the couch potato was. If you are serious about finding a long term relationship it is essential to be more selective and stop serial dating. Couple serial datingAssuming you’re following this principle the question of “How to get a second date?” may be purposefully addressed.

At The One, we offer some basic dating tips that will ensure being asked out again. First of all, it is imperative that you are upbeat, positive, fun and engaging while on a date. Remember, you are selling yourself. Make sure you smile, laugh, contribute to the conversation and most importantly, be a good and interactive listener. When your date tells you about a trip they took to Australia ask them what their favorite activity on the trip was. Then follow up with “I have always wanted to visit there and go bridge walking.” You get the idea: Be interested and be interesting!

When going on a date, you must look your best, be on your best behavior, be honest and have fun. If you want to land a guy/girl who is classy, educated, attractive and fun you will need to embody these traits as well.

It is important to know, what should you talk about on a first date?

Talk about things that interest you because most people will light up and be passionate when talking about their hobbies. Your date will feed off of this Couple restaurantpositive energy and feel good themselves. Talk about favorite movies, places you have traveled to or would like to visit, books you love, museums, sports you play and/or watch, theatre and concerts you want to attend, your favorite television shows, and wine tasting.

Conversely, it is equally important to know what not to talk about on a first date. You want to steer clear of heavy or negative topics. Remember, the goal is to put your best you out there. It is best not to talk about past relationships, religion, politics, past addictions, health problems, a nagging family member or any other topic that has you speaking negatively about a person or incident. We are not saying that you will never share this information just not on the first date.

We wish all of you wonderful first dates and happily ever afters!

~ T2B

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