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You can change your body with a few helpful pointers and choices. I have always been pretty fit. There was a period in college  that I thought I could eat A LOT of Pizza Hut. Who wants to cook in college when a pan cheese pizza is ah-mazing? I also had an eating frenzy with my first pregnancy too. It doesn’t just come off with the baby? Guess not. I have always worked out but I made the choice to set a goal. I decided to get in shape by intensifying my workouts and incorporating a healthier eating style. I learned how to eat from a friend who was also the Former Mr. Maryland. He gave me the basic body builder diet: grilled chicken, no enriched carbs, no sugar, and definitely no alcohol. You’ve heard it.


I then was approached by a friend, Michelle Johnson, to do a “Fit Housewives of DC” shoot that would be placed in Muscle and Fitness Hers May/June 2014. Of course I said yes! What a honor I thought although I quickly found out that it was one of the most challenging things I have done to date. It’s amazing what you can do with a little work and discipline. Since the magazine is off the shelf now, I wanted to write a little about the journey and how I did it. Obtain the six pack was my goal…



Here’s what I did: The 4 Week Six Pack

I did cardio for at least an hour every day and did weights 2-3 times a week.

I ate 20-30 grams of protein with every meal about 6 times per day, so every 2.5-3 hours with 1 cup of veggies. I also tried to eat white fish more often.

I would only eat carbs with breakfast and post workout.

I ate healthy fats with every other meal and not with carbs. I did not eat healthy fats and carbs at the same meal.

I only ate fruit post workout about 1 cup

No Alcohol. Not only is alcohol caloric but it also decreases your metabolism because your body is forced to metabolize alcohol first, making fat/sugar take a back seat. 



So those were the guidelines I followed and here are some options for diet:


Grilled Chicken breast (baked, grilled, kebabs etc.)

Lean red meat (sirloin, tenderloin)

Turkey (Ground 1 %, turkey breast)

Lower sodium deli turkey (ate a ton of this)

Ceviche (I used scallops, shrimp, squid) Here is a recipe

Rotisserie Chickens (Always had one. I ate the breast mostly)


Tilapia and other white fish

Tofu – Limited this because of the soy but ate it to change up the diet

Greek yogurt- no fat

Eggs (mostly egg whites)



Brussel Sprouts


Peppers (Green and red)





Avocado- half

Bok Choy

Asparagus- The best veg for dieting because it is also a diuretic

I did not eat a lot of green beans or edamame (Edamame contains soy which can raise your estrogen levels, forcing you to store more fat)









Bananas-have a lot of sugar but can be good in moderation


Healthy fat:



Greek yogurt

Light string cheese

Almonds (about 10-15 and I always have a bag with me)

Olive oil



Sweet potato (half of one)

Baked potato (Not as good for you but still ok)


Brown Rice

Oatmeal with a little cinnamon

Oat bran

Brown Rice cakes


Dessert/ Treats:

As you can imagine, dessert and sugar were not on the diet. I would make my homemade protein balls and also eat Quest bars when I wanted a treat. My 3pm coffee and protein ball/bar was my favorite time of the day. Once in a while I would have a brown rice cake with about 2 tbsp of Almond butter and I thought it was absolutely the best thing in the world.


I was really proud of the final photo shoot done by Artiga Photography, that was featured in the magazine and was amazed that I could change my body so much. It shows that anyone can set a goal and make noticeable changes to their body with a few tweaks.  There are many people who are out of shape and just need to make the choice for a healthier lifestyle. Not just for aesthetics but for their health. You can start as easy as making a few diet choices: get the grilled chicken sandwich and don’t eat a ton of fries. Opt for a side salad with the dressing on the side and have a couple fries. Forgo the bread basket or just take half. For exercise, put on your head sets and start with walking. Take that up to brisk walk and you will be doing as much for yourself as jogging if you do it long enough. Weight training is also a must for your body. It will help you burn more calories and also help tone. Most gyms have trainers that will show you some basic moves or hire a personal trainer. There is nothing like a standing date with someone who is there to help you.  Also there are some great videos on the market that you can do at home, if you’re disciplined enough. After my first pregnancy, I would stick my son in the jogging stroller and go. There is always an option. If you have any questions please ask. We are happy to answer anything. Xoxo~ Lisa

 I am not an expert but know what works for me. For the experts and the people that guided me through the process, here you go:

For personal training we recommend: Phil Silberman

For diet, fitness and nutrition advice we recommend: Michelle Johnson


Muscle and Fitness


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