How to get to SF -- let me count the ways

For most of us living in Silicon Valley, San Francisco is "just a drive away". I used to think nothing of heading up to the city for a night out or to catch a weekend festival. With today's gas prices, we've begun to pause and think twice about making the drive up. For this week's BlogHer conference, I looked at 3 options for getting there:

1) Take the train -- roundtrip fare from Palo Alto, $11.50. The Caltrain station is a 10-minute walk from my house. However, the train gets off at 4th and Townsend in San Francisco, still a distance away from the St. Francis, and it's not a place I'd want to be in at 10PM after a night of party hopping.

2) Take BART -- roundtrip fare from Millbrae station, $8. The BART Powell Street station is walking distance from the St. Francis. However, I would still have to drive almost 18 miles to the nearest BART station, adding a gasoline cost of $9, for a total cost of $17.

3) Drive -- It's about 33 miles from our home in Palo Alto to the St. Francis. At $4.59 per gallon and around 18 miles per gallon for our sedan, the roundtrip gasoline cost works out to be around $16. Not to mention I would have to drive in rush-hour traffic. Plus I'd have to pay a ridiculous amount for parking.

So I was beyond happy when mod*mom offered a 4th alternative -- carpooling with her in a BlogHer GM hybrid. At an estimated 40 miles per gallon, the roundtrip cost from Palo Alto to San Francisco would only be $8 -- and that would be split between 3 people (mod*mom, kimberly and myself). And we'd be in the carpool lane, which would significantly improve our journey time (and save my sanity). It's a no-brainer -- I get to drive to BlogHer, be back in my own snuggly bed at night, save some money and save the earth at the same time!


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